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Altered - Jennifer Rush I love the cover and I liked the story, but somewhere along the way I couldn't connect with the characters or their actions. Some elements of the story could have been more developed while others presented lack of credibility.

Altered is the story of some young humans genetically modified to become perfect soldiers. Escaping prison, a laboratory where they were kept for testing, the four boys: Sam, Trev, Cas and Nick are on the run from their creators. They also take Anna with them, the daughter of the one responsible with the testing.

The story is contoured like a quest, with clues left behind to be solved when the time comes, codes and tattoos. The characters have different personalities, some are fun some not so much but they energize the entire story. The connection between Anna and Sam was missing the spark.

The whole idea of genetic alteration of human DNA is very interesting and the story have some twists that can easily keep the reader going.
I'm gonna read the sequel since I'm very curious where the story goes.