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Hopeless - Colleen Hoover Actually more like 2.5 stars.

Maybe wander why.Well let me tell you why.
I read some YA books lately, and let me tell you something. The more I read, the more I realize that sex became more meaningless and is more acclaimed by the young generation, which is sad and worrying. Soon we will see People only by name, but their faces will held no emotions. They will just go to work and back home, they’ll just bury themselves in iPhones, Xboxes, iPads, laptops or who knows what else the future will give them and nothing else. Sadly, today, if you put a group of ten teens to interact with each other will see them interact but with their phones. It seems more and more that teenagers lost the ability to communicate, lost the ability to feel something. As for the authors out there, maybe these kind of books sells, but most of it you must have the courage to write something that’s not degrading the human being and try to teach and set a value, otherwise every young girl or boy out there will assume that having sex without feeling something real is okay.
I’m aware that each generation will challenge the beliefs of those who came before them and the result may be a shift which can improves society or makes it worse. I just hope that we will not forget what makes us humans.