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Partials - Dan Wells “This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.”
― T.S. Eliot


Partials is an amazing dystopian story. Here, we enter our future world where the newborns survive just an average of fifty-six hours after birth and most of the world population is gone decimated by the war with Partials - engineered enhanced human super soldiers.

Among teenagers, there are just a handful of adults who stayed immune to this new virus that wiped out the human race, therefore new laws are instituted in order to keep our race from extinction. Most of the teenagers are working into a hospital or army. Everyone hopes for finding a cure to this new weaponized virus.

Kira, the sixteen years old protagonist, is working into the hospital and cannot accept the fact that after 11 years of researches, the virus keeps killing every baby that’s born and geneticists have no clue about how this virus works. She is amazing and determinated, smart and responsible. She has the optimism and the courage of her age, with a small dose of insanity or naivety would say some or one of the plague baby, but she comes with new ideas in finding a cure.

The virus is not the only enemy. Rioters and hidden mercenaries threaten the stability of the community which is already weakened. The threat of the Partials is also imminent.

There are other characters as Jayden, Haru, Xochi, and Marcus just enough developed to keep the story very alive.
Of course there is a love story of Kira and Marcus, which for me it looked more like a best friends relationship. And there is Samm...and Kira and Samm on the other hand…..there might be passion and love. I guess will find out in the next book, Fragments .

I loved Marcus’ character, especially his way of releasing the tension with his jokes. Like this one:
“ Well, thanks for not shooting anyone, I guess,” said Marcus.
“My contribution was to somehow refrain from peeing myself. You can thank me later.”

Mr. Wells did a great job in vividly picturing this apocalyptic world. Also he managed to emphasis the essence of the young soul, still pure in contradiction with no soul inside of adults, the ones that rule the remaining world. Not much changed from the ones in power these days, all lies and manipulations.
The story moves in a fast pace keeping the reader on the edge.
My fingers are tingling for a copy of Fragments !!!