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Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi Under the Never Sky, by Veronica Rossi is an entire new dystopian world. The story is set in the future where the Aether is the air they breathe and where the Aether storms wiped out entire regions bringing along destruction and desolated, barren land. People are forced to live in Pods, away from the harsh life of the Outsiders that struggle to survive.

The Pod’s people live into a dystopian world, but they do not fear hunger, or sickness. Wearing the Smarteyes, which is given to them with a personal DNA signature, they can live their dreams as reality. But is really an everyone dream life? Read and find out!

Aria one of the protagonist, is one of the Pod’s people. While she was seeking answers about her mother who travelled to Bliss, another Pod, and their communication was severed by an Aether storm, she found herself and some other teens in trouble. Soon, Aria will struggle for her life after she’s thrown outside, into the Death Shop, the world beyond the Pod’s world. The outside world is full of danger, disease and people with significant abilities that live in tribes.

Just like Aria, Perry is also a strong and well developed character. He live in the outside world, carrying for all his people but himself.

The plot of the story is engaging. While you are immersed into the Perry’s world, you are switched to Aria’s world and you keep reading to find what happened next, glued to the story.

Of course there is a love story that flourishes between Aria and Perry, step by step, which make their story very credible.

The author creates a world that is vividly detailed and fascinating. I cannot wait for the sequel.