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Rainshadow Road  - Lisa Kleypas **Disclaimer**
I received a copy of the Rainshadow Road, the second book in the series Friday Harbour,by Lisa Kleypas through the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.

The novel is a light read, not too much of plot turning and it seems to follow the same path like the first book of the series, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor. I didn’t know what to expect from the author since it is the first series of her's that I read.

Apart from the first novel in the series, this one added some magical elements that I don’t see fit in this type of story. It feels like it doesn’t belong in the book. As a Contemporary romance, the magical elements look like they are strayed from the original path of the series. I wonder if the decision of the author to add magical elements in the story was a consequence of the fact that lately most books are based on fantasy/paranormal/magic subjects.

The story of the Nolan brothers continues. This time it is about Sam Nolan, a passionate winemaker, who owns a vineyard on Rainshadow Road, hence the title of the novel, and Lucy Marinn, a talented glass artist. As main characters, they could have been developed a little bit more. Sam and Lucy engage into a type of relationship like friends with benefits which has nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary; Sam being against commitment while Lucy has trust problems. Then why bother?

On the other hand, the story deals with important issues in everyday life. Connection with friends and the unity of the family are well portrayed. Nolan brothers care and support each other in delicate moments of their lives while Lucy finds comfort among her friends.

Overall, a nice story that can keep someone company for a while. I like the story and I might recommend it.