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Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor - Lisa Kleypas Since I received the second book in the series, Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas through goodreads giveaway, I felt compelled to read the first one, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor.

To quote Publishers Weekly - “Sweet, romantic, and genuine…a refreshing holiday treat.”

This is the story of a young widow, Maggie Conroy who lost the courage of marrying again. The past of her life being too much to bear, she moves in Friday Harbor, in San Juan County where she opens a children’s shop. Here, she encounters the quiet Holly, a six years old girl and Holly’s guardian and uncle, Mark Nolan.

I’ve never been to Friday Harbor even this place is very close to me. I was not even aware of its existence, but Lisa Kleypas made me want to visit this place and its people.

The way that the author describes the place and the characters in the story, made me see the Friday Harbor through her own eyes, to feel what her protagonists felt.

The story introduces us in the life of the main characters, Holly, Mark and Maggie, as well as the life of Sam Nolan as a second character. Also, the story has three main themes: magic, holidays and family.

Magic and Christmas

Magic, is the way that makes children dream and enrich their imagination. Most of the kids forgot what a story is, or what the magic is, or they forgot to believe in Santa, or Tooth Fairy. Mark Nolan said that “..one of my rules is not to let her believe in stuff that’s not real.” What in fact was happened is that magic healed Holly who stopped speaking after her mother death.

Christmas has also an important role in the story. Shopping for Christmas decorations, gathering around the Christmas tree, opening the gifts is a special time of the year when children can dream and adults can hope. All about Christmas is magic and family warmth.


“Come sit by me. And take the baby…I need two hands for this.”
Carefully Maggie settled the warm, sleepy weight of the baby onto her shoulder. “Whose is he?” she asked. “I don’t recognize this one.”
“I have no idea. Someone handed him to me.”
“Is he one of your grandchildren?”
“Could be.” :)

The importance of family is also a strong theme in the story. You can find Maggie surrounded by a massive number of people, her family. On one hand, family can mean safety, confidence, trust, and support but on the other hand family can let a child suffer or live in fear, neglection.

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor is a pleasant story, kind and touching story, best read it on the Christmas Eve. I enjoyed the story but I'm afraid that it won't last over the time and soon will be forgotten.