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WOLF DAWN: Adventure Sci-Fi/ Heroic Fantasy/ Romance - Susan Cartwright Thank you Susan Cartwright for having this book available in electronic format free on amazon for awhile so I received this book on my "Kindle". Thank you again and as I promised here is my honest opinion about your book.

I would start this review telling you that this is NOT a young adult book.
This book is in the Sci-Fi genre and as an adult, if you are going to read this book, you must have an open mind and be less judgmental since there are some controversial aspects.

The author, Susan Cartwright set her story into a universe where every world has something different. She contours a few of her worlds almost to the thinnest details.

Human nature is revealed to the extreme in some characters. You can find extreme hate and anger, also you will witness jealousy and love, despair and guilt. There are characters that are pure evil and others that are very gentle but the main character, Ash, seems to have all the ingredients.
With a delicate health, prone to illness, with an amazing gift of mind-touch, Ash as a prince lived in a fairytale world soon to be destroyed through the genocide. After a crash landing, he found himself wounded and the last of his kind, on another planet, in a harsh environment, raised by a pack of wolves into a world completely different from his. His chances of survival? Close to zero.

Even though the plot is not always fast paced, you will enjoy being into a totally different world and environment, a world that is magnificently described and also you will explore deep into the soul, into the complex personality of characters where the combination between emotions and behavior are sometimes extreme.

The book has it all, from the mystical and religious beliefs to the new and modern and incomprehensible technology, from the human, pure and noble characters to the most ignoble and brutish evil ones.
The author, Susan Cartwright used her creative power in all areas. Using graphic description she generates new worlds and she is going straight to the bottom of the soul. But she did not stop there. Aided by her brilliant intelligence, unusual power of observation and mastery of drawing her characters, she conducted studies of human nature around a twisted plot.

This first book of the series has a good foundation for the following ones.

The only thing that kept me from reading the book right away is the cover. In my opinion, the cover is far from reflecting the value of the story.