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Sanctus - Simon Toyne 3.5 stars - This means I enjoyed this book, it was good, but there was something that kept me for loving it.
---> *Warning: May Contain Spoilers

Sanctus by Simon Toyne, a British television producer and a writer, is the first book from the Sancti Trilogy.

From the beginning, the author introduces us into a world that seems just unbelievable yet he made it ticking. In the Citadel, a self-governing state ruled by its own laws, built into a mountain close to the city of Ruin, southern Turkey, lives a secret and ancient order: Sanctus. They have the greatest secret of humankind to guard from thousands of years, the Sacrament, that only few selected and worthy monks, Sancti, were allowed to know.

Monks who are swarming deep down in the caves of the mountain are practicing rituals that are of unimaginable violence.
One morning, one of their own, Brother Samuel, climbs the mountain of Citadel and stands on top of it with his arm crossed in the symbol of cross. Finally, he jumps to his death after he was sure he acquired both the crowd and media attention.

Detective Arkadian has a difficult task in solving what appears a common suicide.
When the New Jersey journalist Liv Adamsen arrives in the city of Ruin, things are heating up fast since the most terrifying secret of civilization that was kept hidden for millennia is about to surface and once it is revealed it would shake any known religion.

Sanctus has all the right ingredients: religious mystery which goes up to the idea that these Sancti monks have covered up the story in the Bible and changed the primary events, blood, turn of situations, dangerous chases. The novel big surprise came at the end when, instead of being left in an eternal fog, the mystery that followed us the entire story is revealed to us.

The author did not left any unfinished conflicts or actions but he left behind enough for the following novels.
The novel captivates by how paced and how cleverly carries everything related to references of religious rituals, ancient cultures and latest technology.
Sanctus is like a rollercoaster once you got the taste of it, you cannot stop.
The Key, the second book of the trilogy Sancti, book I won through goodreads giveaways its waiting its turn.