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Wolf Revenge (Forsaken Worlds, #2)

Wolf Revenge (Forsaken Worlds, #2) - Susan  Cartwright
I was lucky enough to get my hands on the second book of the series Forsaken Worlds, Wolf Revenge,by Susan Cartwright.

The Wolf Dawn has the foundation of the series. The sequel, Wolf Revenge, continue the story in a more alert tempo with all kind of elements: conflicts, mystery, greed, politics, corruption, mind control, surprise, anxiety, terror and last but not least romance.

The question that will nag the reader from start to the end will be: Will Ash have the chance to confront Neopol?

Everything in the story is told with precision, with detailed presentations. The characters do not hesitate to give you their opinions and thoughts, which I find very entertaining since we don’t have to wait for another character’s POV after the book is written and published.

The author likes to play with the patience of the reader. She just gives a piece to stimulate the reader’s brain, giving somewhat a sense of knowledge of what will happen next, then everything is turning, it tips over, making you eagerly to want and to know, right at that moment, what is the outcome. This will keep you with book in your hand long after midnight.

The story is sprinkled with romance and humorous elements.
The author creates distinct characters with personalities well defined and contrasted with each other that are forced to work in unusual circumstances.

The force of the main character, Ash, is amazing and I’m not talking about physical force. The author manages to create a complex protagonist with unique qualities. On the other hand, the negative character in the story, Neopol, is also complex. Sometimes, when an author creates another complex character it tends to be distracting but in this case, this two characters are in contrast, the antithesis of right and wrong gives the internal and external relationships conflicts, strength and richness.

The level of author’s versatility in creating her characters is amazing. She is peeling away every layer of the character’s essence, exposing the innermost thoughts, leaving you amazed by the strong inner conflict inside one’s mind.
The path of the story is described with a real talent, building suspense specific to Science Fiction thriller.

The worlds she creates are original and realistic. She manages to have technical elements that make sense even if they are futuristic. Interplanetary conflicts and politics are driven by power; mad people in highest places with the sinister agendas and interests in a world of greed, manipulation and deprivation are ready to use everyone to see their purpose done or just for entertain themselves.

I cannot spoil the surprise of the story but I can't help myself soo I have a little teaser: you’ll be surprised about Janson, the aide of Admiral Neopol Jones. You are not expecting what is coming, I tell you that. I loved the part when we finally find out what’s with Janson.

If I recommend this book to Sci-Fi people? Definitely.
I think I would recommend this book to everyone who has an open mind, even if you like paranormal books, horror, fantasy or romance or any genre/subgenre and you can appreciate a good book, a gem.

To the author: You are an amazing writer. I hope you will not keep us waiting too long for the next book.